Where to Find Pixar's Trademark Easter Eggs in 'Incredibles 2'

Now that you’ve seen Incredibles 2 (and of course you have, it made all the money over the weekend), you’ll be wanting to find out what you missed. Pixar movies tend to be filled with Easter eggs, including hidden character cameos and classic film references and callbacks. Pixar also has a handful of standard Easter eggs that appear in almost every one of their releases.

Did you spot the Pizza Planet delivery truck, the Luxo ball, and the others? If not, here’s a guide to where you can find each one when you go see Incredibles 2 a second time:


This letter and number combo is a reference to a classroom familiar to animation students at California Institute of the Arts, where many Pixar and Disney artists studied. “A113” can be found in every Pixar feature and some shorts plus other Disney films since Toy Story (see Andy’s Mom’s license plate).

You can find it within the fake movie title “DementiA113” (also a nod to the early Francis Ford Coppola film Dementia 13) on a theater marquee at the end of  Incredibles 2.


Luxo Ball

You see the titular star of Pixar’s 1986 short film Luxo, Jr. at the beginning of every Pixar movie — he’s part of the production logo. Same goes for the yellow rubber ball with the blue stripe and red star on it from the same short, though that’s not as easily spotted.

The “Luxo Ball” can be seen in baby Jack-Jack’s room in the Incredibles short film Jack-Jack Attack, and now in Incredibles 2, you can see the ball’s design in Jack-Jack’s crib. 


Pizza Planet Delivery Truck

If you knew to look for the Pizza Planet truck in Incredibles 2 and didn’t find it, chances are you figured this is a consistency nod to the first Incredibles. That 2004 feature is famously the only Pixar movie that doesn’t feature the familiar yellow pizza delivery truck with the rocket on its roof.

Well, guess what? The sequel does feature the truck, hidden in a darkened alley when Elastigirl finally defeats the villain Screenslaver. This would make sense, since the masked man apprehended by the superhero was revealed to just be a pizza delivery guy. Probably from Pizza Planet. 


John Ratzenberger 

The actor John Ratzenberger isn’t so much an Easter egg as a lucky charm for the studio. Best known for his regular role on the 1980s sitcom Cheers, Ratzenberger has voiced a character in every one of the studio’s features. The most iconic is Hamm, the piggy bank from Toy Story, but most of his roles since have been comparatively minor.

This time, he’s — pun intended? — a miner character, as he reprises his part from The Incredibles as the villain The Underminer. 


The Chinese Food Take-Out Box

One of the less-acknowledged of Pixar’s traditional Easter eggs is the Chinese food take-out box. After all, characters eating Chinese take-out isn’t that big a deal, right? Well, the specifically designed paper boxes featuring a single-floor pagoda debuted in A Bug’s Life  as the “Chinese Cabinet of Metamorphosis.”

It’s a far less common Pixar staple, not found in every movie, but we do see it in Incredibles 2 when the Parr family is eating dinner at the Safari Inn. <