Watch Exclusive 'Teen Titans Go! To the Movies' Clip: No Stopping Batman

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

Collectively, they are known as the Teen Titans. Individually, they are known as Starfire (voice: Hynden Walch), Robin (voice: Scott Menville), Beast Boy (voice: Greg Cipes), Cyborg (voice: Khary Payton) and Raven (voice: Tara Strong). Whatever you call the team, they are outraged that every superhero has been featured in their own movie — except for them! So, they decide to make their own big-screen adventure, no matter the obstacle.

In our exclusive clip from Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, their determination is showcased as they face a very large obstacle. Soon, they realize there is no stopping Batman, as the Dark Knight proves to be incredibly adaptable during a thrilling chase sequence.

Watch the clip below, then get tickets to Teen Titans Go! To the Movies; the animated comic-adventure opens in theaters everywhere on July 27.