WATCH: Barkley goes off on 'BS' James Dolan – Charles Oakley feud

Charles Barkley is over discussing James Dolan vs. Charles Oakley.

On Monday as TNT’s “Inside the NBA” crew read aloud NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s statement — which said the Garden chairman and Knicks legend “were apologetic” — Barkley wasn’t interested.

“I’ve been in the NBA for 30 years. This is probably the silliest, most BS thing I’ve ever seen in my 30 years in the NBA,” Barkley said to Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith. “This was a waste of time, waste of energy. It’s a bad look for the Knicks. It’s a bad look for Charles Oakley. It’s a bad look for the NBA. And I cannot believe we are wasting all our time on this crap.”

The others were a bit more committed to talking about the aftermath of Oakley being hauled out of the Garden by security Wednesday night and subsequently arrested.

Chris Childs backs Charles Oakley but hopes truce is reached soon

The 'Inside the NBA' panel discusses James Dolan and Charles Oakley's meeting with the commissioner.

The ‘Inside the NBA’ panel discusses James Dolan and Charles Oakley’s meeting with the commissioner.


“Kudos to Adam Silver,” Shaq said.

“I think Oakley, even though he was wrong in the incident, he did deserve better treatment and did deserve to have that meeting,” Smith added.

Barkley and Oakley have a long history: The former Knicks enforcer once fought with Barkley in a 1996 preseason game and then allegedly slapped him before a union meeting three years later. 

When LeBron James recently ranted about Barkley for his criticism, Oakley piled on.

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“I love everything LeBron James said about the hater he needs to stop drinking at work,” Oakley tweeted. “TNT can I stop by and get a drink?”

While Oakley did meet with Dolan and Silver on Monday, with Hornets owner Michael Jordan joining via conference call, he told the Daily News that an immediate resolution would be difficult because “some of the things that were said about me hurt.”

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