Vunipola's to join list of Lions' brothers to tour together

The Vunipola’s, Billy and Mako, are the tenth pair of brothers selected to tour together in a Lions party and the fourth chosen from England.

Each of the four home unions can boast siblings who have made Lions trips together.

Scott and Gavin Hastings are the only pair to make two Lions tours together in 1989, and 1993 when, for the only time to date, two pairs of brothers toured with the Lions.

The Scots were joined on that last British & Irish adventure of the amateur era by the Underwoods of England. Rory and Tony were both wings but never managed to appear together in a tour match for the Lions.


1888 Robert and William Burnet (Scottish)

1891 Edward and William Bromet (English)

1896 Louis and James Magee (Irish)

1903 James and Joseph Wallace (Irish)

1908 Jack and Tuan Jones (Welsh)

1989 Gavin and Scott Hastings (Scottish)

1993 Gavin and Scott Hastings (Scottish) & Rory and Tony Underwood (English)

2013 Tom and Ben Youngs (English)

2017 Mako and Billy Vunipola (English)

Several sets of brothers have appeared across separate tours with the Wallace’s of Ireland — Richard (1993), Paul (1997) and David (2001 & 2009) — providing the only instance of three siblings appearing for the Lions.