Scottish goalkeeper in wee spot of bother

The Scottish goalkeeper in question wasn’t allowed to use a urinal.

A SCOTTISH non-league goalkeeper has been red-carded for leaving the pitch during a match to urinate.

Garry Whyte, playing for Shettleston against Shotts Bon Accord in the West of Scotland Super League, was caught short after 72 minutes and pleaded with officials to let him go to the toilet.

However, he was told play wouldn’t be stopped, so he relieved himself behind the goals and when he returned to the action, he was sent-off.

“He was ready to take a goalkick and he shouted over to the linesman that he needed the toilet. The linesman said to him, ‘We can’t stop play’,” Shettleston manager John Fallon told the Scottish Sun.

“He ran behind the goals and went up to the wall to do a pee. Then he came back on and the referee has sent him off. There’s nothing about it in the rule book so we’re all a bit confused.”

Despite the red card, Shettleston still won the game 1-0.