Scans confirm Sheahan’s worst fears

AFLW: Kate Sheahan hadnt been on the ground for more than a minute in Collingwood’s clash with the Dogs before her left knee gave way.

AFLW. Western Bulldogs vs. Collingwood at the Whitten Oval. Collingwood debutant Kate Sheahan injures her leg after twisting after taking possession. Pic: Michael Klein

KATE Sheahan and Collingwood’s worst fears have been confirmed after scans showed the 35-year-old has suffered an ACL injury.

Sheahan was barely into her debut for Collingwood on Saturday when her left leg buckled under her as she attempted a quick change of direction.

She has since condeceded that her AFLW career is likely over.

“I felt like someone had grabbed a cricket bat and smashed the side of my leg,” Sheahan said.

Sheahan emerged from scans today to confirm she has ruptured her ACL.



“I’ve done my ACL and slightly takena few fibres of my medial (ligament), but that’s pretty good,” she said.

The Collingwood women’s player said “it all came crashing down” when she realised she couldn’t get up from the Whitten Oval turf.

“When it first happened, I was just in a huge amount of pain and hoping ‘no, maybe I can get up’, and then I realised I was no chance of getting up,” she said.

Kate Sheahan in the moments after her injury. Picture: Michael Klein

Kate Sheahan in the moments after her injury. Picture: Michael KleinSource:News Corp Australia

“That’s when it all came crashing down.

Pain – I felt like someone got a cricket bat and just whacked the side of my leg, and then it was extreme for about 10 seconds and then it was just throbbing, aching … it was still painful but that initial when I tried to change direction, it just snapped. Like breaking my leg.”

After being “crushed” and crying for about 15 minutes, Sheahan said it was onward and upward from there.

The Magpies women were about to record their first win – and there was no way she was missing out on that.

“It was half-time and we were in the game and I thought, there are two ways I can go here – I can be sulk and be disappointed or I can get out there and be a part of it because we’re going to win this game,” Sheahan said.

“That was what I wanted to do because it was part of the reason I was in the team. I got out there and the girls won and I felt so excited. Our first win in our first season and everyone was pumped. I felt really happy and then I just got so much support and love from the footy community that it’s gotten me through the last 24 hours.”

Kate Sheahan in the moments after the match. Picture: AAP Images

Kate Sheahan in the moments after the match. Picture: AAP ImagesSource:AAP

She said she would “love to say” that this isn’t the end of her football career, but she is realistic.

“The reality is I’m 35. I’ve just done my ACL. I’m going to have to wait and see,” she said.

“I would love to play again because I was having the time of my life, but at the moment it’s looking unlikely.”