New 'Power Rangers' Trailer Finally Shows Off What You've Been Waiting to See

new power rangers

So far the marketing for the Power Rangers movie has been restrained. We saw the character intros and how they all look in their suits, but the first trailer didn’t have any big, full-body shots of the Rangers fighting in those suits. There were no shots of their Zords (the vehicles they pilot) or the bad guys they’d be fighting. Basically, we had no sense of it as an action movie, just as a drama about teens that come into superpowers.

But now the second trailer shows all of that and then some. 

Fans get to hear and see Bryan Cranston as Zordon. We’ve got Bill Hader’s Alpha 5. We’ve got Elizabeth Banks totally leaning into her Rita Repulsa role. Oh, and we’ve even got a Megazord getting in on the fight. All of those words may be meaningless to most people, but if you grew up on Power Rangers, it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting to see.

Check it out.

Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24, 2017.