New 'Cars 3' Trailer Shows What Happens to Lightning McQueen After His Crash

cars 3

The first teaser trailer for Cars 3 sidestepped everyone’s expectations. All it consisted of was Lightning McQueen getting into a gnarly car crash followed by a promise that everything would change. It wasn’t exactly the smiling, big-eyed wonderment one expects from one of Pixar’s more kid-oriented franchises. 

But now we’ve got a longer trailer that shows what happens after Lightning’s calamitous crash and thankfully things are looking a bit more optimistic. It’s still not filled with jokes and Mater-related material that’s so closely tied to the series, but it is setting up an underdog comeback story. And hey, if anyone is going to make the Rocky Balboa of anthropomorphic car movies, it’s Pixar.

Cars 3 hits theaters on June 16, 2017.