NBA agrees with Lee: Wizards should've been given technical

The NBA agreed with Courtney Lee, and now the Wizards have the pay. 

Assistant coach Sidney Lowe was fined $5,000 while the Wizards’ organization was fined $15,000 by the league on Friday evening.

The punishment comes one day after the team’s dramatic win over the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, which included some suspect actions by Lowe and no-calls by referees.

In its daily two-minute report, the league ruled that the Wizards should’ve been assessed a technical foul Friday because their assistant coach Lowe “stands on the floor close to Lee for several seconds.”

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In addition, the league said John Wall committed a double-dribble on the previous possession, when the point guard put the Wizards up by three points with a fastbreak dunk with 16 seconds remaining. However, unlike the play involving Lowe, the league ruled that spotting Wall’s double dribble required enhanced video.

Lee was wide open for a potential game-tying 3-pointer right next to the Wizards bench on Friday, but said he was distracted by Lowe who stepped onto the court and starting screaming, “I’m right here,” among other things.

Wizards assistant Sidney Lowe can be seen standing next to Courtney Lee.

Wizards assistant Sidney Lowe can be seen standing next to Courtney Lee.


Lee said he balked at taking the shot as a result, and instead drove and dished out a pass to Brandon Jennings — who was covered and couldn’t even get up a 3-pointer.

The league also ruled that Lee traveled after passing up the shot by moving his pivot foot.

“I thought it was another guy rotating down,” Lee said. “I’m watching the ball and all I hear is, ‘I’m right here, I’m right here.’ And I’m not sure if he had his hands up or not. But he fooled me.”

The incident occurred right next to a referee, who urged Lowe to return to the bench only after the play unfolded. If the Knicks were awarded a technical, they would’ve had free throws and another possession with about seven seconds remaining.

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