Lions want more video technology used

Neil Jenkins has urged referees to use video technology to stop marginal calls from affecting the British & Irish Lions Test series.

Kicking coach Jenkins remains adamant that Owen Farrell converted a penalty attempt during the 12-3 win over the Crusaders, despite the touch judges ruling it out.

Farrell was nonplussed when the shot was chalked off, while Johnny Sexton urged referee Mathieu Raynal to check with the Television Match Official (TMO) to no avail.

Former Lions fly-half Jenkins believes that Wales were undone in 17-16 defeat to South Africa at Rugby World Cup 2011, where a James Hook penalty that appeared successful was also ruled out.

“It was over; it was,” said Jenkins, of Farrell’s penalty shot against the Crusaders. “We were in behind it and it was over.

“Look, it’s incredibly hard to be a referee and a linesman. If you’re standing directly underneath the posts, you can’t tell me if that’s gone over or if it’s just crept in or not.

“It’s quite difficult to see if you’re standing quite literally underneath, so the referee has to take control there as well and, if he’s unsure, then maybe you do go to the TMO.

“But both Owen and I felt the kick was certainly over. It just crept in but the decision’s made and that’s how it is; you’ve just got to get on with it.

“Well we did ask [the referee to check with the TMO] and he didn’t want to know.

“I’ve had this scenario with Wales in the World Cup in 2011 against South Africa in Wellington. It was a similar type kick on half with James Hook.

“As far as we were concerned, that kick went over. Francois Steyn came off and he said to me, ‘Neil, the kick was over’. And this [at] half-time in a massive World Cup game, a crucial game. At the end of the day we lost by a point so that kick mattered in hindsight, obviously. It’s one of those things, we’ve got to take it on the chin.

“If the officials feel like there’s an issue, is it a try, you go to the TMO. For kickers, if it’s there or thereabouts, I don’t see why it would be an issue to go to the TMO. That’s my view, anyway.”