Kendall Jenner Is Trying So Hard to Make Fanny Packs Happen

Kendall Jenner is on a quest to change how we feel about a very controversial fashion accessory. Three days in a row, Kendall stepped out proudly wearing fanny packs.

On May 31, she paired the accessory with a classically fanny pack-friendly ensemble—a turtleneck and mom jeans. She made the look chic and fresh.


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On June 1, Kendall wore a different fanny pack, proving her commitment to the trend. This time, she used it to accessorize an off-the-shoulder romper and a colorful tank top, showing the world that fanny packs can be young and fun.


Finally, on June 2, Kendall rocked a fanny pack for a third consecutive day, pairing it with a chic head-to-toe silver outfit, proving that fanny packs can be a part of dressier looks, too.


Only time will tell if Kendall will be successful in single-handedly bringing the fanny pack back to prominence, but she’s definitely giving it her all.