Hear Father John Misty's Absurd James Comey Song

Father John Misty turned Donald Trump’s stunning firing of FBI director James Comey into an impromptu folk song Tuesday night.

In the minute-long video posted on the Pure Comedy singer’s Twitter, the singer spins around what appears to be a dressing room while belting out the lyrics to his ode to this controversial moment in the Trump administration.

“James Comey was fired in the month of May / James Comey was fired from the CIA,” Misty sang, naming the wrong governmental agency (though that’s understandable when you take acid every day). “Well he had Hillary’s emails / And there was a recipe, recipe for risotto.”

The Comey song is the latest addition to Josh Tillman’s ever-growing songbook of political humor, joining his Simon & Garfunkel-inspired song “I Am a Cuck” with Tim Heidecker. A papier-mâché Bill Clinton also made an appearance in Father John Misty’s insane “Total Entertainment Forever” video