Haas aims to test Carbone Industrie brakes in Bahrain

Haas is now hoping that it can test new brakes from Carbone Industrie at the Bahrain Grand Prix, as it continues to chase solutions to its problems.

The American team has cited a lack of consistency with its current brakes from Brembo as something that needs addressing – with Romain Grosjean in particular unhappy about the situation.

But switching suppliers is not as straightforward a process this year because the wider discs require a bigger design overhaul, which is why it is working with Brembo to find a solution right now.

Grosjean himself said after testing: “I can’t live with the weight of brake issues. It clearly is something key for me and I struggle a lot because of that. Now, we’ll try to work at best with people at Brembo to find solutions.”

The team says it is hoping that a Carbone Industrie test will take place early in the season – and potentially at the third race.

Team principal Gunther Steiner said: “Maybe we will do it in Bahrain.”

Steiner is adamant, however, that the brake problems are not enough to worry the team early on – especially with Kevin Magnussen not complaining at all.

“We have got things in the pipeline but they just take a little bit of time,” he said. “For the short term we have got a solution which is maybe not ideal but is at least safe.

“Then, when we get on with the programme after the first races, hopefully then we will have the final solution.”