Former Spur Tim Duncan has quietly been a ‘monster’ kickboxer

Tim Duncan is now Tim Kicking.

In addition to dominating the NBA with the Spurs, “The Big Fundamental” has secretly been kickboxing for over 10 years. Duncan’s trainer, Jason Echols, spoke to Bleacher Reportabout what it’s like to work the 6-foot-11 basketball legend, describing him as “a f—— monster.”

Echols, who is 5-foot-10, said Duncan is so powerful in kickboxing that he once tore the trainer’s bicep.

“He’s so big and his elbows are like spears and his bones are really sharp. Just interacting and punching with him, I hit him with a right hook and his elbow caught the inside of my bicep and tore it right off, just from moving around. Whatever pace I’m at, he sets it,” Echols said. “The roaring lion is his passion to learn, his passion to pick up the movements. He’s really, really passionate and into the idea of martial arts. It’s cool to watch.”

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Not only has Duncan taken up kickboxing, but he’s also been joined by his former teammate David Robinson. Robinson, who is also trained by Echols, has sparred with Duncan before, but it’s unclear who would win if they were to fight.

“David is at a level where he’s not as advanced as Tim is. He started more recently than Tim, but to watch those two guys move around together is definitely a spectacular sight to see. Maybe the public will see (that) in the coming days. You never know,” Echols said.

Tim Duncan spent all 19 years of his NBA career with the Spurs.

Tim Duncan spent all 19 years of his NBA career with the Spurs.

(Darren Abate/AP)

Despite the fact Duncan is 41 years old, Echols believes the former power forward could be a “legit competitor” in MMA, but doesn’t recommend he try.

“He has a desire to learn and compete. He has the heart for it. He most definitely would be a competitor. I would highly encourage him not to,” Echols said. “Being a retired Spurs player, I wouldn’t want him going out there and getting punched and kicked by some of those guys, but Tim would be a competitor.”

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Duncan spent 19 years in the NBA, all with the Spurs. He’s a five-time NBA champion and two-time MVP. When he walked away from the game following the 2015-2016 season, Duncan scored 26,496 points in his career with an average of 19 points each game.

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