DJ Khaled Claims He Was 'Sabotaged' After Disastrous EDC Set

DJ Khaled won’t be taking the blame for his less-than-stellar performance at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas this past weekend.

The rapper, who was scheduled for an hour-long set, instead performed for less than 20 minutes before fans booed him off the stage, chanting for Yellow Claw, the next DJ, to take over.

Khaled took to Instagram Monday to hit back at critics of his set, blaming the poor performance on technical difficulties that were out of his hands.

“They cut my time short and they had me back stage for a hour and half and the sound kept breaking,” he captioned a video clip. “Then I heard my fans and I said I’m go out even if the sound cuts off and even if they cut my time short … I’m here for my fans even if the sound man and promoter don’t have there stuff together I forgive them thoe love is the [key.]”

“MY FANS CAME OUT! SO I CAME OUT!! NO MATTER WHAT!” he continued. “BLESS UP!! #GRATEFUL #JUNE23RD.” Khaled’s new album, Grateful, will be released later this month.

The rapper continued his rant in a second post to Instagram, claiming that he was “sabotaged.”

“They tried to sabotage my sound,” he captioned the post. “I still stood on stage wit no sound, and when they got the sound to work they want cut my set short … I still rep for my people,” he continued. “Anyone else would walk off stage.”

In the second clip, Khaled tries to make up for the technical difficulties during his time onstage by playing 2Pac’s classic “California Love.”

“They want to cut my shit … but this is California,” he says in the video. Las Vegas is, in fact, located in Nevada, as several fans were quick to point out.

Earlier this year, Khaled also caught flack for a subpar performance at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, where his sound was similarly cut off when he went over his scheduled time by several minutes.