‘Deranged’ Ray Allen accuser says ex-NBA star wants him dead

The man involved in an alleged “catfishing” incident with Ray Allen says the retired NBA star wants him dead, according to a report.

TMZ reported on Monday that it has obtained court documents filed by Bryant Coleman alleging Allen said he wanted to “ensure that I went away and never opened my mouth again.”

Coleman, who had his petition for a temporary restraining order against Allen granted by a Florida judge earlier this month, said Allen called him on Sept. 9 after their alleged three-year relationship had ended.

“He said he wanted me to get what I deserved,” the documents state, per TMZ.

Allen, through his lawyer, responded by saying Coleman is a “deranged individual” who is lying about the alleged affair and death threats.

The 10-time All-Star filed an emergency motion on Nov. 21 accusing Coleman of stalking him online, despite Coleman telling a Florida court one day earlier that Allen was the one doing the stalking.

Allen has said Coleman has continued to pester him online since the NBA sharpshooter discovered the “catfishing” scheme.

Ray Allen is in the midst of a bizarre back-and-forth battle.

Ray Allen is in the midst of a bizarre back-and-forth battle.

(Lynne Sladky /AP)

“Catfishing” is the term for creating a false identity online as a form of digital stalking intended to deceive someone into thinking you are someone or something you’re not.

“Coleman pretended to be a number of attractive women interested in Ray Allen,” according to the motion filed on Allen’s behalf, via the Associated Press. “Ray believed he was speaking with these women and communicated with them.”

Allen said Coleman was trying to blackmail him by releasing details of their conversations, but the two made a deal to keep those communications private. Allen said Coleman violated that agreement and has continued to pursue him on social media by posting about Allen’s family and other personal items.

But Coleman returned the charges in court documents, saying Allen “repeatedly spied on me by sending his associated to follow me in my community,” per TMZ. One incident allegedly occurred last month, when Coleman said a man approached him in a supermarket and told him to “watch your back.”

Allen, however, insists he is the victim.

“Ray wants nothing to do with him and is exploring all legal options to stop him from continuing to harass and threaten him, his family and friends,” attorney David Markus told TMZ.

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