Christian Louboutin Makes Color-Changing "Unicorn Skin" Boots

The unicorn trend has already infiltrated our beauty products and our freakin’ beverages yet, somehow, people still can’t get enough. The latest rainbow-colored design to capture the internet’s affection is a pair of glittery boots from Christian Louboutin.

Stylist Samantha McMillen–whose clients include Dakota and Elle Fanning and Carey Mulligan–posted a video of her magically changing the the sequined shoe’s colors with a brush of her hand. Dubbed “unicorn skin,” they look metallic at first then turn green, red, pink, and gold. It’s pretty mesmerizing to watch.

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So far, Louboutin hasn’t released further information about the style name, price, or availability.


Say what you will about the over saturation of unicorn-themed products on the market–these boots are the coolest.