Bulgari's Adds a Pop Art Dash of Andy Warhol to Its New Collection

Andy Wardhol was such a big a fan of Bulgari’s bold, colorful designs that he never made a trip to Rome without visiting the jeweler's headquarters. He dubbed it “the most important museum of contemporary art.” Fittingly, it was a conversation between Warhol and Nicolo Bulgari, published in

How Payless Tricked Influencers Into Paying $600+ for Their $20 Shoes

Getty ImagesJustin Sullivan Payless (as in the discount shoe store) just pulled off the prank of the century. In an experiment that set out to prove shoppers will pay top dollar just for a label, the brand opened an extremely fake boutique called Palessi and invited a group of influencers

Karl Lagerfeld's Secret Weapon

Hair by Declan Sheils for Hair by Sam McKnight; makeup by Tom Pecheux at Calliste Agency; manicure by Anny Errandonea Chanel’s nautical-inspired cruise collection makes landfall with a quartet of star models: Joan Smalls, Natasha Poly, Yasmin Wijnaldum, and Hannah Ferguson. Glitter tweed dress, beret, $800, both, Chanel. Beauty Tip: Paint

This $101 Cashmere Sweater is a Sleeper Hit

When I get dressed in the morning it's not with the intention of soliciting compliments. Sure, it's nice when people appreciate the look, but for me it's not the end all be all. So imagine my surprise when what I thought was a regular shmegular gray cashmere crewneck sweater

I Own 19 Pairs of Leggings and These Are the Best Ones

Girlfriend Collective Classic-Rise Compressive Leggings Remember when people were still like, "Leggings aren't pants"? Hahaha. I don't, because I've scrubbed that whole era from my memory. Leggings are perfect. They are like the potatoes of clothing—stay with me—versatile, solid, delightful. Whether I am sleeping, working,

Why I Buy Myself a Birthday Dress Every Year

First, there was the Romance Was Born silk sheath, printed with fantastical jeweled animals in electric shades. Then there was the sheer red Lover mini, sleeveless and prettily ruffled. A Willow silk halterneck with a black-and-white bird motif that I wore to every wedding I went to. The hectic

The LOFT Trousers I Cannot Stop Getting Compliments About

LOFT Skinny Ankle Pants in Julie Fit To know me is to understand that the way I shop is about statement buys. I love bags in bold colors, long skirts that sweep the ground, and have a small collection of crowns headbands. So shopping for basics—black