What 24 Celebrities Wore to Other People’s Weddings

1 of 24 Rex Mariah Carey Because no one wants to tell Mariah Carey she can't wear white at their wedding. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 2 of 24 Rex Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 3 of 24 Rex Lady Gaga Lady Gaga in a very atypical Grecian bridesmaid dress. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 4 of 24 Rex Jenna Lyons A look that

What to Wear for the Ultimate Holiday Weekend

By Hannah Miller & Tara Lamont-Djite Dec 16, 2017 Lazy weekends have become the most coveted modern luxury. An escape from the grind, the best ones are filled with close friends, nonchalant, easy-to-throw-on clothes, hot toddies and amazing (faux, of course) furs. While there's never a bad time to take a long

Candice Swanepoel Is Pregnant with Her Second Child

Forget Victoria's Secret, Candice Swanepoel has a secret of her own she's been keeping these last few months. The supermodel revealed on Instagram on Friday night that she is pregnant with her second child. "Christmas came early," she captioned her post. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Yes, that means she walked

How To Use Your Car as an Emergency Fashion Closet

When you run your own show, like interior designer Young Huh, who founded Young Huh Interiors in New York, lead time for anything is a luxury. A regular day might involve spur-of-the-moment meetings with clients, and as a result, Huh is an expert at the last-minute wardrobe change. Her

All the Party Hairs Inspiration From Paris's Couture Week

Show PoniesThe ponytails spotted on the catwalk at couture were, well, befitting of couture—elegant, intricate, and like nothing you’d find at the gym. At Chanel, Sam McKnight added extensions, then gave each tail a “double twist” before covering it in a fine net, “almost like a snood.” At Dior,

Why Cardi B. Won't Ever Wear Certain Designers

Getty Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Kollin Carter, Cardi B.'s stylist, hasn't had a day off in what feels like forever. Wearing a white slicker-style raincoat with its collar popped, he's just touched down from an overnight flight to NYC from London and settles into his seat at a coffee shop

Versace's Spring 2018 Campaign Is An Epic Supermodel Mashup

Following the epic reunion of '90s supermodels on Versace's Spring 2018 runway, the brand has enlisted some of the most iconic models of the past three decades for its spring campaign. Like the runway collection, the Spring 2018 ads act as a tribute to the late Gianni Versace, 20

Jonathan Saunders Exits DVF

Jonathan Saunders is stepping down from his role as chief creative officer at Diane von Furstenberg, effective immediately, according to Business of Fashion. The Scottish designer has served as the brand's chief creative officer for just 18 months. "I am grateful for Diane's support and for the opportunity of

The New Furla Series Showcases Contemporary Artists

Bachzetsis Courtesy of Bachzetsis Advertisement - Continue Reading Below “Avanti!” It’s a word heard frequently among Furla employees, whether at the 90-year-old Italian leather-goods brand’s sleek Milan HQ or its buzzing factories on the outskirts of Florence. Despite heading up a house steeped in history, 74-year-old Giovanna Furlanetto, the president of the

Gucci Teams Up With The MLB For Guccified Baseball Caps

Photos by Peter Schlesinger/Courtesy of Gucci Baseball gear is about to get a high fashion makeover, thanks to Gucci. The Italian fashion house debuted its Pre-Fall 2018 collection today and amongst its signature rich prints, retro-inspired pieces, and sparkling sequins was a first look at its upcoming collaboration with the