Australian GT dumps handicap format for Albert Park

The Australian GT Championship has elected to not use a handicap format for its second round of the 2017 season during the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park.

Rather than add a penalty time of sorts to driver pairings at the end of each of the 25-minute races at the Australian Grand Prix, as was the case last year, AGT organisers have opted for more of a door-to-door racing approach.

Like in 2016 two-driver crews will be split across the four races, the higher-ranked driver qualifying in the first session, and then racing the car in Races 1 and 3.

The lower-ranked driver of the pair will take part in the second qualifying session and then take the wheel for Races 2 and 4.

Grids will be progressive for each particular driver, which means Qualifying 1 sets the grid for Race 1, and the Race 1 results sets the grid for Race 3. Qualifying 2 sets the grid for Race 2, and the Race 2 result sets the grid for Race 4.

Solo drivers will simply take part in all six sessions across the weekend.

Unlike last year, there will be no additional time added at the end of any of the races, avoiding some of the confusion over final results seen in 2016.

The only element of handicapping will come in terms of the points distribution, with 80 of the available 220 points on offer for the Race 4 result. Each of the qualifying sessions are worth 10 points, Race 1 is worth 25, Race 2 45, and Race 3 50 points.