Allen Iverson responds to Tim Hardaway crossover dig

Here’s “The Answer,” Mr. Hardaway.

In March, Tim Hardaway claimed that Allen Iverson “carried the basketball” on his signature crossover move. Hardaway said it was his move that people like Iverson were trying to duplicate.

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Iverson was asked if he heard what Hardaway said, the former all-star had a simple response.

“I carried my crossover all the way into the Hall of Fame. So, there you go,” Iverson said.

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Hardaway made his argument for his spot in crossover history to’s Scott Howard Cooper.

“I’m going to tell you this and I tell everybody this: Allen Iverson carried the basketball,” Hardaway said. “I had the original killer crossover and people are doing my move. They’re not doing Allen Iverson’s move. They’re not doing nobody else’s move. They’re still trying to perfect my move as the killer crossover and it’s my move, all right? That’s the way it is. I brought a unique style to the game.”

While it looks like the two might not agree, one thing for sure is they both had stellar crossover skills.

Before Hardaway’s career started to get littered with injuries, he had some of the best moves in the NBA. He was a five-time all-star during his playing years, which spanned 1989-2003.

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Iverson also talked to Bleacher Report about the time he almost broke Michael Jordan’s ankles.

He said it’s all about selling the move and making an opposing player think you’re going one way when you aren’t.

“When it ends up ultimately being a perfect crossover is when you shake them so bad that they can’t even get back into the play to play defense. You’re already gone. That’s what I think the perfect one is to where a teammate of his has to stop you from scoring,” Iverson said.

Iverson played from 1996-2011 and was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame earlier this month.

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