56 Designers Share Their Fall 2017 Show Inspirations

“The Maples is the name of one of the buildings which was used to house students of the Women’s College at Sydney University following World War One. I have fond memories of conversations with my Grandmother, who I was very close to growing up, and what it was like living in Sydney in the 20’s. The starting point for the collection became a look at the life of female students attending the University during the time. We looked at these amazing photos—young women playing sport wearing traditional men’s attire, cricket whites and team blazers, slouchy sweaters, oversized coats. They smiled, they had defiance, and there was something a bit roguish about it all. I’m always drawn in by a sense of optimism. And then there was the photos of the nights – thoughts of smoky danced-in rooms, a peeping sun at dawn, draped oriental silk pyjama robes and demure bias drop wait dresses. The inspiration for the collection is more about the mood that the images evoked, rather than the dress of the period and the time itself.” –Nicky Zimmermann, Creative Director