Watch Exclusive 'Peppermint' Trailer

After her beloved husband and precious young daughter are killed in a brutal attack, Riley North (Jennifer Garner) is shattered. She seeks justice through the legal system. But what is she to do

These Exist: Crocs With Built-In Socks

These Exist is a place to share fashion items that leave us...speechless. After all, we can't muster a hot take for every Juicy x Swarovski crystal tracksuit or WTF jeans. All we can do is present the spectacle, give you the facts, and let you know that while you

Serena Williams Has Launched Her Own Fashion Line

After winning a Grand Slam match at the French Open yesterday (her first since giving birth to her daughter in September), Serena Williams is continuing her winning streak with the launch of her very own fashion line.The athlete and fashion designer, who has previously collaborated with HSN and Nike,